I able to trade on after 12pm

Hey respected senior’s

I only able to trade after 12pm but that time already all momentum happened then market only moves in narrow range, at that time how i trade in intraday?

Any reason why you are not able to take trade before 12pm?

Yes, I do partime job 7-12

Imho, Just because others are doing you should not jump in without proper knowledge and time. Since you are doing part time job, I assume you must be a student. If yes focus on studies first. If not a student, try to get a full time job, then learn slowly about market and trading.

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Yes I have enough knowledge i also make money in swing trading and i want to do intraday also.

you can do intraday even after 12pm with 5 minutes candle and few technical knowledge.

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@Manjucsw Can you please say just name of those technical things

As a beginner I would not recommend going below 15 min candle for intraday

Use pivot and stockistic RSI