I am 3 years completed but not profit

I open April 2017 demat account but I am not profitable trader , I m loss side what can I do

How much loss total?

Indian stock market is never meant to trade for retailers.

Please switch to investing. U may get some profit. Take up good job and never take trading as career

Big institutions in collusion with exchanges know all information well before the actual thing and they take smart positions based on the same

They will just attract retail crowds then to come and play gambling by false buy calls through tv channels and analyst.

Once enough retailers enter and take positions long unwinding will happen

Clear pump and dump

But if u invest and forget for a six months atleast u will make some profit. That also big guys dont prefer but anyways they cannot track each and every silly quantity and run behind. So they give that small privilege.

Even there sebi has almost near to putting restrictions to sell ur own demat shares

A famous. Tech turned oil refinery company is next inline to dump huge bulk quantity


Which one

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To whomsoever it may concern


This is for you


SERIOUSLY, who told you that? I doing intraday trading and positional trading (2-3 days) and never faced huge less (except for huge crash in march but recovered in 3 months). Don’t know why people think that only investing is good.


Obvious reasons bro.



Bro just opening account and trading doesnot help you out of losses. Your continuous effort of learning from your mistakes would help you. Please do mention your efforts here in this regard.


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I had to spend 14-15 hrs a day for weeks to develop one trading strategy and style.
No easy money


Maybe this will help you, give it a read.


@ksksat- Don’t discourage others just because your trading is pathetic…

@Muktar_Kulhari - it’s not about how long you have been trading… It’s about how much time you are giving to learn… Market definitely gives to those who have patience and courage to do something… dedicate yourself… You will get success. Good luck.


@Muktar_Kulhari, i started reading & paper tarding since Mar-2018.
Around 1 year reading, I started trading in Feb-2019.
Till Feb-2020, I lost around 100000 rs in trading.

Then I realized, what I am doing here, what are my mistakes, I found

Wrong/high expectations
Wrong position size
Impulse trading
Breaking self defined rules
Intraday trading
No mindset
No trade journal
FnO trading

For each point , I can tell you

Regarding high expectations, I have 1 rental property, as per current property market returns is only 3.33% per annum. I am happy with it.
Then as per general share market returns, one can expect 5 -10% per month. Which comes +50% in a year. I wasn’t happy with monthly 5-10%returns before. Now I am happy with 5% returns.

Wrong position sizing, before I trade as per my total capital capacity. I mean, if I have to trade then I trade with my 60% of capital in one trade.
I decide target, stoploss & then quantity.this is very wrong in my knowledge.
Now I divided my total capital into 10 chuncks/parts. If I want to trade then I only put 1 chunk/part in the trade. Rest capital is kept aside for other opportunities. Now first I decide stoploss, target & then quantity will be based on the stoploss Amount. Example, if I can risk 750 rs in a trade & stock price is 75 then I only buy 10 quantity in cash market.

Impulse trading, this happens when I was not on the screen for some time then I open my trading terminal & I saw a big opportunity. Before I directly go into the trade. But now I try to grab the situation. Hold my breath. Analyze for few minutes then if trade is still valid then I enter.

Breaking rules, I have few rules, like no intraday trading from Offc, no FnO trade , no trading only from mobile phone screen. I cannot see clear chart & chart history from mobile. In the past, these things didn’t work for me. So always try to follow my rules.

Intraday trading, time window is very small in my opinion for intraday for me. But there are pro traders doing good in intraday. So I go for swing trading only. Swing trading suits me.i am making money in swing trading.

No mindset, in order to become a successful trader, I need to have mindset of a trader. How they think, what they think. How they the world. One event happens so how successful traders will react to this event. I try to be like them & trade accordingly. Also, everything have a process. I have to follow process to reach the other side of the territory.for me, 3 Ps are there,
Process, Passion & Patience

No trade Journal, before I don’t write down my trades. So I don’t have my footstep, from where I came to this place. I mean, I donot record my activity. Which trade I did on what basis. What we the results. Profit or Loss. Now I write my trades, so after few months also I can see & get my understanding clear.

FnO trading, this is very danger for the beginners.
In zerodha, I took my yearly report I found 90% of my loss comes from FnO trade. I completely stopped it. In equity (cnc) segment, my loss is manageable. I don’t be greedy now. If I have 10000 rs in my account then I am happy with 5% profit. Which is 500rs.

Since March 2020, after I found a way in this market, if I follow my rules, I made 3-4% monthly.
In June month I didn’t follow my rule & I lost heavy in that month.

Sorry for long answer but I just like to share my journey till now.

Hope this helps… Happy Trading …


@kartiks atleast now pls come out from trading and put your money in good stocks blue chips.

If still like trading take some job in prop firm or broking firm who allows trading

Trading will make life unhappy. Always tension. No retailer ever made sustainable profits exception may be there.


just keep moving…only two year old in trading…however one thing i learn …keep moving…keep small stop loss…

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I am a net profitable trader, so I am very much qualified to answer though I have a long way to go. Trading is just like any other business, and it is very simple if you don’t complicate it.

I completely agree with this, I too spend a hell lot of time like 14-15 hours a day for 7 days a week and for months together, that you develop the edge.

Try picking up a strategy from some of the best forums out there or develop something of your own, but you need to mindstorm a lot, and then play the game with proper risk management and money management with discipline.


Whole world goes to college but only few get the jobs. Stock markets can create wealth, but only if you have extraordinary passion for it.


Let me use an example:
When you build a house, there are a few things you cannot comprise on - and it takes good time and effort and care.
SLAB - probably the most important thing - a good foundation is what you need without which there is no long standing house - same in the world of trading… your portfolio needs a baseline that you can bank on when the rest of the portfolio is taking a bad hit.
Electric wiring/flooring/wooden work/paints - you wouldn’t go buy something just because someone says it will work a miracle - you do some research (from multiple sources) and when you believe in the brand, only then that you buy.
Same principle works for trading - you need to buy stocks that you believe in will do well.

Build your baseline portfolio first
–these must be bluechips, don’t get ambitious (greedy is the word) on them - CAGR of 10-12% should be good on them. this can be 40% of your portfolio. build this over a period of 6mo-1yr. This can be a large cap MF as well.
–Once you have your baseline in your profit zone of 5-6% (for example) you can risk profile of your other 60% in the stoploss range of 4-5%.
–you need to have the courage to see your portfolio bleed into massive losses - again, knowing your company helps manage the anxiety.
–Study technical analysis tools to help buy/sell points - this takes years of study to understand what works the best for you. (Example- Japanese candle sticks, Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD, ADX - and a ton more). there is no short cut for this.
–study the patterns for your stocks - go back as much as you can use daily, monthly and weekly charts.
–you cannot try to chase every rally - focus on the set of stocks.
–Impulsive buy/sells - NO NO!
–stay out of F&O and margin trading while you gets your hands dirty with technical tools.

with Patience and good Study you can turn this around - good luck!!
(if your work profile/commitments doesn’t allow you to dedicate time, switch to mutual funds - this is a completely different world on how portfolios need to be built)

Broda , i have tried to learn from various utube channels but either they sell their expensive programs or recommend calls that dont work or teach different strategies that too fails most of the time. I was new i thought i wud reach there if i keep on moving but everyday i find myself in new losses .
Wud definitely appreciate if u cud show me the right way to learn.