I am a non resident Indian, can I trade both intraday and delivery in both cash and f&o market?

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NRIs can do F&O and Delivery based Cash Transactions. They are not allowed to short sell in cash and not allowed to do intra-day cash trading



No Sam, you cant do intraday trades as a NRI. You are permitted only delivery trades. However you can use F&O only to hedge your portfolio.

Suggest you read up PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) details by RBI.

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Hi Sam,

Yes, you are eligible to trade in both the Cash & F&O segments.

As Karthik’s mentioned, you cannot involve yourself in Intraday transactions but can make only delivery trades. There are also a few restrictions regarding what stocks you can buy and what you can’t. A few scrips are banned for NRI’s to invest in. You can get the list here: http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/BS_FiiUSer.aspx

As regards to F&O, you can trade in the F&O segment by obtaining a Custodial Participant code. There is no restriction in F&O trading which means you can do both intraday and positional trades

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Full F&O trading is allowed through Non-PINS NRO account with Custodial Participant code.

F&O for speculative purpose is not allowed Ajay.

Yes speculative is not allowed. But only intra-day cash is considered speculative. Couldn’t find any such restriction for FNO

Exactly that’s what I mentioned and commented. Anyways additionally F&O trading requires Non-PINS NRO account.