I am getting a lot of unsolicited stocks tips SMS messages ever since I opened a trading account, how do I stop these?

I know one thing, that our mobile numbers data gets leaked out. Zerodha is a credible brokerage company but there maybe some backend staff people involved in selling the data.

Not necessarily its Zerodha or any one known entity nowadays all apps use so much our data without our consent even Google receently acccepted of using our location without starting GPS or users consent so …its new uncontrolled un secure digital era where such things are becoming common …

Asked this question because I started receiving such promotional SMSes only after registering on Zerodha.

yes…thats when anybody recognizes that you are into shares…its targeted audience.

I also like to bring to this @nithin 's attention. I started getting such SMS after enabling the F&O segment. I am not suggesting Zerodha as a company be doing some, but it may be about finding that 1-2 persons who work either at your head office or branch offices.

I recently opened my account with zerodha, and I have been receiving text messages from different stock advisors, advising me to buy certain stocks.
I never received such messages before and I never subscribed for anything like this before.
I wonder if my phone details are being shared/leaked by zerodha. I am not happy with this. When I provide my details I trust that my privacy won’t be violated.
Again, I despise any such activity. At this point I am not sure if it is leaked by zerodha, so I won’t blame straightaway. But this has been happening only after I opened my account with zerodha.

Out of interest, did you open account directly from The Official Zerodha Website, or clicked some link on Youtube or Other Website for Info on Zerodha Account Opening?

Dear @nithin I am getting lots of spam calls from trading farms & tipsters just after few days of shifting my trading platform from SBICap Securities to Zerodha.

I found Zerodha is the best trading platform for retail traders. Feature-rich and innovative.
I’ve only one concern – as Retail Traders could we believe Zerodha Security System fully and assume that our money in trading accounts is 100% safe? Do you have a robust security system to prevent any type of fraudulent activity by hackers?

People are trading for long periods of time on zerodha. No one ever complained about it.

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I can assure You Money in Your Trading Account is 110℅ secure.


  1. You can only withdraw money into your primary Linked Bank account.

  2. There is no online process of adding New bank account into Your Trading Account untill you initiate the process.

But, If someone can Hacked into Zerodha servers Then there is a possibility They can Withdraw Funds from your Trading Account.

Not just from your Trading Account But from multiple Trading Account.

Because Zerodha can Debit/credit Funds from your Trading Account.

Every Technology have some Loopholes and Human Carelessness.

Coming back to Hacking Your Trading Account.
One can easily hack someones Trading account as well as bank account.

There is software malware common name keyloggers.
They Travel over SSL 128 bit secure layer.
Highly protective layer used in Encryption of data over Network.

What keyloggers do is it comes into your computer or mobile by Email.
In Background they enter into your system and Whatever you type in your system/mobile they capture and Using your internet it again send the report to the person who have send this keyloggers.

So, it’s very easy for him to find out your.
Username, password etc.
Everything which you type using keyboard even digital keyboard.

In early age of computer these keyloggers used to be hardware devices but as the technology Developed They also become software.

Still we are safe Due to High security authentication and 2 factor Verification of bank details.
OTP and other Biometric verification.

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Hackers cannot take money from your demat account with in short span of time.

First you have to send withdrawal request.

Then it will be processed by Zerodha team.

Then only bank will credit it to your account.

Settlement happens T+2 days.

There may be any other ways for breaking the system that I don’t know.

You can contact zerodha directly for this question

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I was very disappointed by a broker (won’t name them) as they sent me an email containing the password(plaintext) that I set for the trading account. I wonder if the situation is same with Zerodha. All big giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon do not store the user credentials in plaintext. They employ some encryption method(may be salt in addition). So, the authentication happens on the hash value which is irreversible. I don’t know how zerodha store user passwords. This broker who saves the passwords in plaintext is one big player in stock market.

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Thank you so much @Lets_Invest for the knowledge and such a detailed answer.

Thanks :slight_smile:

One more thing I would like to Add here.

Few days Back My father lost his Smartphone.

I went to Airtel customer care to take Same Number of SIM.
To My surprise No one asked me any type of Document for New SIM with Same Number.

Representative asked me
Sir, I need your Thumb Impression on Thumb reader Machine.
I said SIM is on my father Name.
She said Without your father Thumb Impression we can not issue New SIM with Same Number.
(My father Airtel number was E-kyc verified)

So, My Advice is to all the people is to make sure your Your SIM is Running on your Name & documents and Make sure it is E-kyc verified To increase the security level.

I Hope everyone Knows what are the Drawbacks If someone can get access into to get copy of your Mobile Number.

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You can get it without thumb impression too :wink: That is why I prefer a postpaid connection. Norms are strict for postpaid.

I am getting SPAM SMSes after opening Zerodha A/c.

I strongly believe this has got more to do with exchanges rather than any broker.

Everybody knows that rules are regulations and actual happenings are pole apart. I have started receiving such messages as soon as I opened account with zerodha. It’s obvious to me that someone from inside zerodha is leaking it. I am literally pissed off. It’s not about reporting it to trai or using DND services. It’s the breach of trust of leaking personal info that pisses me off. If no action is taken I will shut my account.

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If You will shut your account still you will receive These messages Because these data of User keep on circulating from one vendor to other vendor in Market.

Apart from getting SMS’s, i am also getting mails offering loans, credit cards, and stuff like that. This has never happened before, i am very vary about to whom i give my email and have another mail to sign up for things like these. So the culprit might be either zerodha, bse, or nse. Because all of these have our contact details.