I am new to currency trading. Query about big lot and small time frame. Is it possible for me to buy and sell a 100 lot s JPY/INR in 5 mins time

If i have an idea that for the next five mins the currency pair is going to go up. Will i be able to trade a huge lot in a small time frame. say a 100 lot in 5 mins. will i be able to sell all the 100 lots exactly. will there be buyers?

you can buy & sell whatever you want ,whenever you want . you are in full control .

what you cannot control is the market price ,during order execution at market price.

when buying or selling big lot , if the price moves against you … you may lose .

100 lots is not considered big , to my knowledge .

but still above mentioned issue may trouble you in-case you do scalping of 3-7 pips .