I am not able to search for ICICI Lombard on Kite, what should I do?

I’ve been allotted shares of ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited(ICICIGI) and I am able to see the shares in Kite but bot able to add it to my markeetwatch. It’s the same on Kite mobile too, what should I do?

This is due to the caching mechanism of Google Chrome. If you are using Kite web, hit CTRL+SHIFT+R and you should be able to search for ICICIGI and add it to your marketwatch.

On Kite mobile
Go to settings>apps>Kite and click on “Clear Cache”

Login to the app and you should be able to add it to your marketwatch.

How do I sell the stock?
To sell, add the scrip to your marketwatch and then place a sell order. Don’t try to exit it from your holdings.

Why do I need to press ctrl+shift+r or clear app cache on kite when other trading platforms can show the stock without all this?

We use a CDN to save bandwidth for us and our users. Even if you load Kite 100 times in a day, the instruments data is not re-fetched by the browser. Without this, we’d be serving and wasting 10s of terabytes of data, significantly hampering our ability to scale.

We are aware of this and are working towards a solution that can scale.