I am very tensed , please help!

I have done nism certificate and then I was working in broking franchise ! There they have needed my certificate as it is necessary to work on terminal ! But when I left the job , the only thing that is going in my mind is that is my nism certificate will still be in use when I am not there ! I have told them to remove it , they said okay but they haven’t removed it yet ! I am tensed that is there anything wrong that could happen with my certificate there logged in !

Would recommend you to write a mail to them and get it removed. Once you have digital proof of communication, I think you would be safe.

Others - please suggest some better plan if what I said is insufficient.


Okay ! I am writing mail to them thanx ! Is there anything else that I can do to safeguard myself !

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there isn’t be any problem, if you have a resignation letter/ or something similar that indicates that you are not working with them.
just ask them (& email also) to remove the certificate linked to terminal. tell them that you been hired to new job, where you need to link your certificate to new brokers terminal.

  • renting a certificate for some bucks to any broker who don’t have a valid certificate is a illegal practice, so avoid if they offer you.

Bro , what if I have whatsapp chat ! Is that can be useful later on !

Not sure if it’s acceptable in a legal scenario. I’d get it in writing as an email which is a better proof of the conversation.