I calculated the brokerage fee of astha traders its huge

they charge in % basis fee… when you place big lots half of the profit will be taken by broker… am I right or wrong

Having a trading account with a broker that has a max cap of brokerage on each order is always better.

The problem with no cap brokerage is , they will take away your profit as well as your capital as brokerage charges.

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@portfolioplus911 how they calculate brokerage? Is brokerage same or different when I buy 100 shares of abc company @ 20 and 50 shares of xyz company @ 2000

Yes this happens in reliance also . Have read many stories about loosing money in “profits” !!! Due to brokerage in reliance. In reliance and few other firms they take profits as well as balance for each trading almost double charge of total profit every time .

But thanks to this kind of things BECAUSE THATS WHAT MAKES ZERODHA SHINE . LOLL .

Though there are few stories in zerodha too but many people are making only profits in zerodha after loosing huge amount in different firms .

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I started keeping my profits only after I shifted to zerodha.

Zerodha is good. We can always find something to complain about, but overall zerodha is the best I have used.


same here… people commenting negative about discount brokers… but zerodha and upstox are really best of all… they truly mean the meaning of discount broker

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I used SBI securies ,ICICI securies , zerodha and UPSTOX, i am trading from last 6 yeasrs, Zerodha is best , its charting platform PI, Kite … as of now using my UPstox account for trading due to some reason, reason is in our company Zeerodha (kite) website and other trading related sites like moneycontrol.com all blocked,… but luckily im getting access to upstox trading account…If ur trading intrady u need to use discount broker to come into profit after brokerage and tax…Good luck @nithin is there any way to acces kite platform from website https://kite.zerodha.com/ - this site blocke dy our IT team.@dolphy_crasta

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I would like to suggest all the new comers to select the broker after complete assurance of the terms and conditions by reading them carefully. Never enter the maket blindly as you need to take every step very carefully. The market is full of devasting scams as well so you need to keep yourself safe from them.

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