I don't see MIS Multiplier for many equities that I want to trade, why is that so?

Say for Eg., I want to do intraday trading for Network 18, there is no MIS Multiplier for this equity and also for some of them the multiplier is less than what other brokers offer.

If you’re talking of the MIS multiplier for stocks at Zerodha from here: https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/Equity/ , then let me tell you that stocks that are not in this list will not be entitled for any leverage. You can still trade them on MIS (Intraday) but you’ll need 100% margins for it.

The multiplier factor differs from one brokerage house to another.

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Yes, I am aware of the margin calculator, but for certain stocks as you mentioned there is no leverage, while there is 5times with another brokerage, do you know why is that difference?

Every broker asseses the risk as per his risk policy. So it may vary between brokers.
Also there are changes made frequently as per market volatility, so one day you may see 9x leverage and next day it could become 3x and vice versa. (Leverage will be reset back to normal if market volatility on that scrip settles down)
Sometimes I find MIS multiplier of a particular scrip as 3x but in cover order it gives 21.7x, watch out for such opportunities too.