I finally have developed a strategy that gives me 30% to 90% returns, what am I supposed to keep in mind before going fully automated?

The strategy works well in tradescript. Now, I want to take it to next level. I have NISM series 8 certification.

What things should I keep in mind before coding it in AFL for amibroker? What challenges would I face?

I have been successful in semi automated trading also, but due to emotional factor I exit from trade before I get the exit signal.


First show us the strategy then we will code in afl for you.

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Robots don’t understand about fundamentals of a stock

They don’t work based on emotions or sentiment of market

Only if you test the strategy with 5 years of data you can tell that its working 90 % accurate

No Intra trading strategy can give 90 % hit ratio may be max of 50 % but reward/return will be higher because of the risk reward you have put in for your strategy

BUY and SELL are the two actions and you if calc the probability its 50 % and based on tuning you have done hit ratio will be within this range for a narrow market. Trending market ratios will be based on how frequent swing happens.

Consider these points and develop a AFL

You can be very successful when you have mindset to hold positions for a month to 6 months by applying technical analysis


Negative points about automated back testing:

The backtest does not take into account real market scenarios like slippage, gaps, unfulfilled order, partial fulfillment of orders, sudden volatility, drying up/lack of volume/liquidity, software/connectivity problems, health issues of trader/investors.

For these reasons, the outcome of real market trading is much different from software back testing.

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just keep in mind , these startegies does not work in real life

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One thing to keep in mind is to remember that Splender bike is more fuel efficient than Activa because the later is automated gear bike. Automated trading or technical indicators are like Activa bike.

Another thing is automated trading is done based on statistical instruments which are 100% scientific. NOW trading is an art mixed with psychology. So Technical indicators or automations based on statistical formulations are basically a mismatch with trading.

A strategy which deals with reality of trading in most practical ways will be more effcient.

For truely 2D & 3D integrated trading techniques feel free to download 100% free professional intraday trading strategies here : http://intradaytradingsecrets.blogspot.in/

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can you share this strategy here ?

all came here to see ur strategy but .i wish i cud develop such strategy or just share it .before going for all those certification plz clarify from zerodha members that it really works or not.

truth is always bitter , i think u does not have guts to listen the truth ,want to vote negative more , fuck off to loosers

Sir, i saw an old post of yours in this blog, but in that reply option is not there. So only using this option was writing to you.

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Thanks in advance :slight_smile: