I had a portfolio of shares with Unicon Securities. The brokerage went bust a while back. How can I get them in my Zerodha demat account? TIA

How can I get these shares transferred to my demat a/c with zerodha ?

Where are the shares right now? While I understand that your trading account was with Unicon, which DP did you open your demat account with. If the broker transferred shares to your account and if you have them in your demat account, you can still transfer these securities using a DIS. A DIS is like a check book for moving shares from one account to another. You will have to fill their DIS and submit it to them, in the DIS you will have to mention your Zerodha Demat account number.

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I bought the shares using Unicon only. That’s where i opened my demat account. I won’t be able to get a DIS from them since they’re no longer operational . I still have the folio number from the letters I get from the companies whose shares I had.

File a complaint against them to the Depositary NSDL or CDSL.