I have 300 lots of money in nifty buy option

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I have 300 lots of nifty (22500 qty) in buy options out of money strike price is 11400, what will happen be the maximum loss if i don’t close my position including STT etc.
I have heard there is some flaw with STT it can cause huge loss if don’t close before expiry for e.g Chirag patel, could somone please explain

Out of the Money options will expire worthless and you will lose all the premium you paid to purchase these Options.

OTM options expire worthless, there is no additional STT levied on them, additional STT is charged only for ITM Options on their Intrinsic Value.

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That chirag patel issue is already taken care by FM in last budget.
No more STT trap.

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Thank you for the responses and answer suffered massive loss though still safe, thanks to Finance minister for removing that flaw, that will be too scary.

You wouldn’t have been affected by STT trap. It was applicable to only ITM options.