I have earned a certificate from Zerodha Varsity

Hey! I have earned a certificate from Zerodha Varsity. @nithin


How can I download the certificate if got one?
Whenever I try to share it, app closes down

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After earning certificate, go to certificate, then click on View Certificate and you got option download PDF.
Now you can download the certificate and share it, where you want.

Hi Ashish

Do share your charts and learnings from technical analysis whenever it is possible for u here on tqna.

It would be great to interact with u here

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yes @Prakashsingh , when ever I find time I post my charts and learning.
till then you can explore tqna, there are already more knowledgeable people and content on this platform.

Many congratulations! I have also started my course here and hope to get the certificate soon.

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