I have only 500 rs in account That share having equity margin 1x only,if I bought 100 shares at 50 rs in intraday,What will Happen!

that is i dont have sufficient amount but i buy??/

what will Happen

hello trader,

you order gets rejected with status message insufficient margin.


1x margin is used to facilitate taking short positions in scrips that are not included under leveraged products in the Equity Margin Calculator.

This is because for those scrips that don’t make the MIS list, the only available option to participate in trading it is to take a Deliver trade. And you can sell this scrip only if you already have the Holdings in your account.

To enable selling in these scrips without Holding it in your account, a 1x margin has been introduced where you can take an intraday short position but you will require full cash margin for this.