I heard some thing called as robo auto trading what is it?

Automated trading with software. It is presently not available to retail individuals.

Here is an analogy. When compared between auto gear cars or bikes with manual gear ones which ones are fuel efficient? Manual gear vehicles right?

Similarly auto trading platforms are like Honda Activa and manual trading is like Honda Splendor. Always manual trading yeilds more profits than auto trading platforms.

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If you are trading as a novice, automatic trading system is one more helpful option & to get you the excellent outcomes for long. This trading system will permit you to make your trading decisions automate. Of all, if you’re a busiest person and can’t capable to give time in analyzing the charts, then automate system is supportive. 

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In the Trading ecosystem, Auto Trading or Robo Trading  is the word of an hour now. People are trying to find ways to reduce the manual intervention in trading especially if they trade on high-frequency strategies. And it makes real sense since most of the trading losses are due to emotions involved in trading. People tend to book profits early and let their losses grow. This badly affects the risk reward ratio and might possibly wipe out your account. Automatic or semi-automatic trading do not let emotions affect your trading decisions, it directly places the order in terminal when your strategy gives signals. We tried to explore some of the popular Auto Trading Softwares and Plugins available in India and have listed down in the below URL. Please be cautious before using any of these Softwares for real trade, however you can always try the paper trading versions.