I just saw a compare with peers option in the Kite stock widget, can somebody explain how does this work?

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Hi @Abhishek87 - good catch! We just put this up today :slight_smile:

So clicking on the link will take you to the smallcase stock screener where you would be able to see and compare the stock with its peers. For Reliance Industries, clicking on the link will take you to the below screen

Here, you would be able to see all the peers of the Reliance Industries, arranged marketcap wise. The screen will show you the current PE, 1Y return and 5Y avg return on equity for all the peers. By looking at the above screen, one can quickly infer that except Bharat Petroleum and Nagarjuna Refinery all the other stocks in the sector have generated more return in last one year than Reliance Industry. You can see that Indian Oil has a lower PE ratio, higher 5Y avg return on equity and has performed better than the Reliance Industries in last one year. Its always good to check and compare stock with its peers, before making the investment decision. You can also add more filters to the above screen by going to the ADD FILTERS section on the bottom left side of the screener, to do an in-depth peer analysis.

For example, clicking on the Compare with peers link on the stock widget for Tata Global Beverages will show you the following screen