I need a code for high low breakout strategy

I want to backtest intraday, first 1 hr candle high-low breakout strategy on zeroda pi.
when the CMP touches the first 1hr candle high a buy single should generate and when CMP touches low, sell signal should generate. Also can it be modified in such a way that, in a day only one time, only considering the first 1 hr candle it shall give a buy/sell singnal, once the high/low is break.( not all 1 hr higher-high or lower-low signals).
Also help with how to add screener for the same

TradeScript does not support referencing to specific time in the PAST.

Your Strategy that contains The First 1st hr candle not codeable on TradeScript.

Amibroker, Kite Connect API does that.

you can easily do in afl,

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