I need help in making bulk orders

I need to buy bulk quantity of shares ( say 30,000). I do the analysis for the shares to buy and give AMO orders. The problem I am facing is

  1. If i choose SL orders for buying it may sometime lead to partial execution of quantity

  2. If i choose SL-M it may some time lead to huge price difference in buying average.

Is there any alternative regarding this.

You can subscribe to any of the execution algorithms brokers provide, Omnesys has something called I3 which is pricey…

A manual way of doing this could be to split your orders on a basket and send them manually at opening whilst controlling the quantities by monitoring the offer qty on your scrip.

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By the way I suppose you actually mean a 'large quantity' of shares to transact in.

Bulk trade is a technical term used when you intend to transact in more than or equal to 0.5% of the total equity shares of the company outstanding in the market. 

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Watch out for the best 5 ask prices and quantity continuously and if a matching bulk order is available in the screen on the 5 best prices, place your buy order instantly to capture that.

what is the charges per month for the i3 ?

5k/month and another 2k/month in terms of dealer terminal and other charges.

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is the i3 worth subscribing ?