I need NEST...From where to download


Dear All,

I need NEST…From where to download???

Please help me.

I want to use it for a utility which works with nest and exports data to Amibroker.

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You can find it here “https://zerodha.com/resources


On the Zerodha Resources page under Utilities > Zerodha Trader(Nest trader):


After installation, right-click on the Nest trader icon and ‘run as administrator’ to open Nest trader from your system.


Thanks a lot Sirji !!!


Thanks a lot Sirji !!! It Helped me a lot !!!

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Whats the diffrence between Nest & Kite through web browser.
Plzz help in detail I opened account with Zerodha I heard that order doesnt get executed. IS it true. Will I face similar issues If I use NEST.


…… supported………


Why do Pi and Nest both exist simultaneously in Zerodha? Also, the NOW software mentioned under downloads doesn’t appear to be accepting Zerodha login IDs. It belongs to some other broker