I need some information about the SGX market?

I am a newbie and heard a lot about SGX market, need some more information?

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SGX market is the Singapore market, it is Asia top most market. It is like a Indian market.Indin sensex flow capture every thing and Singapore STI or Strait Time index cover everything.

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For SGX Nifty live chart and to know how it impact Indian stock market Visit -http://www.niftytrend.in/sgx_nifty.html

SGX Nifty Live chart gives you the required indication to know the opening trend of Nifty or market before opening of Indian stock market.

In this link you can find SGX Nifty live chart(http://www.niftytrend.in/sgx_nifty.html)  with World Live quote so that you can watch world market indication and SGX nifty indication at one place. Also watch World market opening time in Indian Standard time. This helps traders to make different strategies.

How to use SGX Nifty Live Chart?

SGX Nifty is derivative of NIFTY index traded officially in Singapore stock exchange. Nifty trades for six and half hours on National Stock Exchange but NIFTY Future on SGX is traded for sixteen hours from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm as per Indian time. Due to long hour trade it is affected by World economic news and political events and takes direction accordingly. So the sentiment or trend of Indian market can be derived from SGX Nifty as SGX nifty opens before NSE.

 Example-if SGX Nifty Future price is 50 point up than Indian Nifty future close price at 10 pm in Indian standard time then next day Nifty Future in Indian market will open in green and gap up 50 point. In case of negative SGX Nifty, Indian market will open in red.

SGX is Singapore stock market. Why Indians are interested in Singapore stock market is ? it is because the SGX market opens few hours before Indian market time and Indian traders can know the market sentiments before market start by seeing how SGX is performing. SGX also runs a Nifty based future index named SGX Nifty, so even before Indian market open Nifty movement can be guessed.

SGX is Singapore Exchange for financial products similar to NSE in India… What do u want to know in that? Be specific in your question.