I need to create a streak strategy for Bank nifty/Nifty

Hi guys…
I need to create a strategy on streak for Bank nifty/Nifty where I want to buy a call whenever it crosses above R1 on Pivot table (Fibonacci, daily) on 5 min chart and exit the trade at R2. Similarly for put side whenever it crosses below S1 & exit at S2. Can put the SL at 5 percent… Thanks in advance

Hi @Vikas464

I have created a strategy for Nifty 50 as per my understanding of your requirement. Click on the below link to view the strategy condition.

The above strategy will generate an entry trigger when a 5min candle crosses and closes above the daily Fibonacci pivot R1 level (i.e. the pivot plotted on 1min-15min charts) and exit will be triggered when either 5% SL is hit or when a candle closes above R2 on the Nifty 50 index chart.

I have created the strategy for your CE requirement. Similarly, you can create your PE conditions by following a similar approach used in the above strategy.

Hope this helps :smile:

Thanks for the help…