I read somewhere book a partial profit, how to do that in F&O?

i am trading in Nifty Futures Intraday with Cover order of service of zerodha…

i read somewhere that you can book partial profits at target1 etc…

in f&o how to do that ?

or should i have to place 2 orders separately on MIS basis ?

Booking partial profits in Nifty Futures will work only with 2 or more lots. You can’t book partial profits with 1 lot.

Eg. You buy 4 lots of Nifty Futures, the trade goes as per your view and you are making profits, at this stage you can Book Partial profits by selling 1 lot or 2 lots, and holding the other 2 lots. After sometime, or after some more profits as per your target you can sell this balance 2 lots.

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