I trade 2 strategies on nifty. Both do not ve fixed targets. Only entry and trail stop order. Can i trade both strategies using 1 broker?


If your 2 strategies give opposite positions, it will negate each other and hence not possible to run such a strategy through 1 trading account.


Plz explain the strategy.

i will ve slippage issue if i explain my strategy since all will be buying at the point where i buy. why would i do such a thing?

thanks nithin…

Karuna, thinking about this again, there is a way to do this provided that you don’t have to hold both the positions overnight. So at Zerodha you have 2 product types to trade, MIS for intraday only with leverage and NRML for intraday and overnight but with full margins. So what you could do if there are 2 different trades with opposite positions is, you can buy/sell using MIS and do the opposite using NRML. But note that MIS has to be squared off by 3.20pm.

thanks Nithin! can u tell me this, incase I use bracket order, can i go short as well as long, since tgt and stop is already punched?

Using bracket order on the same scrip, you cannot buy and sell at the same time.

I guess u can combine NRML and Bracket Order, for NRML apply separate Stop Loss and Target.
But Margin required would be high compared to 2 bracket orders.