I want a Scanner for find Head & Shoulders Pattern

I want a Scanner to find Head & Shoulders Pattern

Hi @Vivek_Naren,

Note that with head & shoulder pattern, there are no fixed pattern characteristics and is subjective. Hence it might not be possible to use the scanner for this.

ok, thank you

for Triple top?

You can use the condition mentioned in the screenshot to implement triple top.

Note that the scanner checks for peak within 10 candles. You can watch our YouTube webinar on patterns to understand how to create patterns in Streak scanner.

Hope this helps!


yes, Thank You

Sir, on below patterns
which can we scan on the streak

  • Rounding top/rounding bottom’

  • Iceland traversal

  • The rising and falling wedge

  • Flag

  • Cup and handle

  • Ascending and descending triangle

@Vivek_Naren patterns are subjective and you can implement almost all of the patterns in the scanner using the same approach.

You can watch the webinar to understand this approach and then try to create the patterns in Streak. When you need help, just write a mail to [email protected].

ok :+1:

how to scan flag patterns?

Please write a mail to [email protected] with the requirement.

Hi @Vivek_Naren, you can learn the approach discussed in this webinar to scan for Head and Shoulder pattern.

As mentioned before, patterns are subjective.