I want to back test but I know nothing

I want to test a few strategies on bnf and nifty (futures) on 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 15 mins candles. So where can I get this data and the software to test it. I wish to backtest as much data as possible. How much should this whole operation would cost?

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Here is a site where you can get the historical data files for your backtesting. Hope it could help you: stock.bitsobserver.com

Thanks for the reply but it says its for US markets. I am looking for Nifty and bank nifty futures data. They are traded here in India at NSE

have your tried Streak? They give backtesting on expired data from march 2020.
highly recommend you to try it https://www.streak.tech/

i am on their 3months Ultimate plan, but if you have Zerodha ac you can subscribe to 1month plan at around 1400 bucks i think

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thanks for info

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