I want to close my motilal Oswal account

My ledger balance is 28.00 in motilal Oswal demat account . How can I close my account ? They are not listening

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Why would you say they are the biggest scammer. Can you please give details. The reason for asking is there could be others in this forum who might have account with Motilal Oswal and this could be helpful to them and to others in general.

Also among all the brokerage reports that is available, I do read Motilal Oswal reports deligently. Their hit rate is fairly accurate. Hence this question.

What is Motilal Oswal’s response when you ask them to close your account?

I personally find their miss rates are high and wide.

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All depends on what you have on your portfolio right? I will read reports of stocks that is in my portfolio and and the hit rate is indeed high. Anyways each to their own.

Sorry to all , I am editing my query , I say some bad words because there are so many hidden charges in Motilal Oswal. So , be aware while opening a demat account in Motilal Oswal. Thanks to all , for your reply. But indeed they are not listening and not closing my account . Please help

Hi, Neha 1101, I am saying that in Motilal Oswal ,if you open your account then they hold your account with one share and after selling that share your ledger balance is unsettled. And after unsettled ledger you cannot close your account.
So, after opening a account , you cannot close your Motilal Oswal account easily as they hold your account with there share.

Ah yes. I was talking generally and in my experience. Probably influenced by some of their big misses. Cant even recall those but left a meh feeling.