I want to create 5 ema strategy on streak please help

Dear sir i want to create a 5 ema strategy for option buying in banknifty using dynamic contract here i want to buy a pe option when banknifty 5 min candle crosses above 5 ema without touching the 5 ema i want to buy put when the low of that candle get broken let me explain it with a image

if this is not possible on ban nifty spot chart kindly make it on option chart directly i will select the options manually but please help

@Streak please help !!!

Hi @Priyanka_Shah1

Please have a look at this discussion - Backtesting 5 Ema Strategy of Power of stocks

A similar kind of strategy has been created and shared in the above link. You can copy the strategy into your account and make changes to it as per your requirement.

If you want to check your conditions on the Nifty bank’s charts, simply mention the conditions inside the Symbol function and this shall work fine. Refer to the link to learn about the Symbol function - Create (Advanced) - Streak Help

Hope this helps.