I want to enter trade at 9:15 (without any indicator conditions)

I want to enter two BUY trades, at a time after market open. I want to buy both CE and PE ATM Banknifty each 1 lot, and after exiting the target i have to re enter the same again.
How can i do this without any indicator conditions ???

Can some one help with this ???
Because i am losing hope with Streak since i was fully into Tradetron.

You can simply use the Candle time function to create the conditions to enter at any specific time of the day. You can refer to the below conditions to enter the trade at 09:16-

You can also simply create the condition “Close(0) higher than 0” and select the Entry start time as needed and select the base time frame as 1 minute to get the entry at the selected Entry start time and also get a re-entry after the exit from the trade.

Additionally, you can use the Dynamic contract function to auto-select the CE and PE contracts. Refer to the below links to learn how you can use the function to create the strategy
Candle time function- Indicators - Streak Help
Dynamic contracts- Dynamic Contract - Streak Help
Options stratgey Webinar- Intraday Options Trading with Streak | Hindi Webinar - YouTube

However do note that when you backtest or deploy a Strategy with multiple legs (FnO contracts or Stocks), each scrip will be considered an individual strategy. The Stoploss(SL), Target profit(TP), Trailing Stoploss(TSL), and Entry-Exit conditions will be checked and triggered on each Scrip individually. Thus even if the SL or TP is hit in one leg, the other leg will still be active, and the exit will trigger only when the SL, TP, TSL, or the exit conditions are met on the chart for each leg individually.

Thus the target for CE and PE will be checked individually. You can not exit based on the combined SL-TP or exit conditions of multiple legs currently. Entry-Exit based on combined SL, TP will require a basket order feature, which is already a part of our road map.

@Kunal_Streak "Hello, I want to create a Zerodha Streak scanner with the following condition: When the difference between the price and the upper Bollinger Band is less than 2%."Alert me. Any help will be appriciated

Hi @Amer

Check out the below link and it should help you