I want to invest in Bonds from Goldenpi. But

I want to know how many registered user they have nowadays. So, registered user able to believe that how much popular do they are.

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I want to invest in Bonds from Goldenpi. But want to know how many registered users and visitors does this business have. I get to know about goldenpi from Ankur Warikoo, i really like the concept of Bonds. But, my question is still how many users do they have and they are trustworthy or not.

Once you bought bonds they will be in your demat only, so you are covered. Also you transfer money to clearing corporation and they settle this trade, no counter party risk, so I guess it is okay to buy through them, but final call should be yours.


Thank you for replying. Is goldenpi trustworthy

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How many registered users do they have?? DO you know

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As per an update shared on Twitter in December 2020, they had 25,000 registered users -

Currently, their website shows over 50,000 registered users -

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Thank you so much.

Userbase is always considered as daily active users and monthly active users. And transaction per user and ARPU. For example, I am a user since 2 years but haven’t done any transaction yet.

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Hi @nithin @Bhuvan
If we are paying directly to cci and bonds are to be traded at Zerodha why is KYC important?
Since they are acting just as an information provider do they have right to store our personal information?


Regulations require platforms to do KYC. Until recently this wasn’t explicit, now it is.


@Bhuvan @nithin

Which part of their functioning makes KYC mandatory? They are neither a Bank, Broker, or Payment gateway nor a depository. Still, they are asking to submit personal information. Why so?


They are an intermediary selling regulated products.

Thanks, @Bhuvan
I’ve gone through the documents. For the KYC no where they have mentioned to verify bank account. All they ask is Address proof and Identity proof.
Why is @GoldenPi asking to provide them with Bank account details while they are not even taking money from us?
I am asking this here because @GoldenPi is backed by @Zerodha

Bank details are required to settle the trade on the clearing corporations.
As the trade settlement is done via ICCL, which recognizes payment from the primary holder’s Bank account where PAN, Address Proof, Bank, and Demat Account should be of the same person.

Thus all the required KYC norms must be completed for ease of trade and investments.

As per @GoldenPi documents, we will be paying directly to ICCL.