I want to keep track of a particular stock every second through news. What is the best way to do that? Do I read newspapers, I am confused

I have zeroed in on a stock which I’m going to trade once in a while, in fact rarely (like once in 2 weeks). But when I do, I am training myself to bag anywhere between 18 to 45% return using 9x margin multiplier. Thus I need to know good sources for news. I’m going deep in this stock. Please help.

You may think why I’m asking for help, when I have the audacity to plan such a nice strategy. Point is I want people’s views on news sources. Nothing wrong in that.

I have heard people saying market goes against the news most of the time, so if you looking at doing things Intraday New's should not be a main factor for you to take a position in the market.

For market updates you could try Zerodha Pulse this collect's latest business, finance, and market news from the last 24 hours from all major Indian news sources aggregated in one place using RSS feed's.

I use mobile new's app's mentioned below with link's, as now a days we are mostly on Smartphone's.

Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile

Yahoo Finance

ET Markets:Sensex,Nifty,Shares

Hope it helps :)

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Its nice that you have zeroed on in a stock and have been focused to trade it only once in a while. The only point to be pondered upon is as a swing trader, is it really a good idea to trade on news published?

Sometimes the news that comes in light is actually an old piece and you will see that after a good news is published , the stock falls dramatically, it is because the ‘insiders’ who already know the news before it is published pump the stock up a few days earlier and as soon as the good news is out in public they dump it to retail traders, who become buyers very late and just get trapped on wrong side.

You would also witness this while a company is to produce its quarterly results, if the results are bad , the stock would start falling couple of sessions earlier and soon as the BAD news is out it bounces back again laying a trap for retail traders. Think for yourself, if listening to news and trading on its behalf had been such a good idea many of the richest traders, would have the news readers/ reporters themselves!

In short, it may not a very wise idea to trade on basis of news published. Rather you shall take help of technical analysis as you are a short term trader and trade with help of charts. It surely help you attain your goals.

Check out Google Alerts. Set the name of your stock as the keyword in your Google Alerts page…moment any news gets out on the internet (irrespective of the source) you will get an alert on it. It works really well and I use it for all the stocks I’m interested in.

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bro, thanx will look into it…

You are right. Regarding the news part, I was not asking for company specific news but sector related news, global news, legislation etc which affect stocks in the way they were supposed to be.

Ok. In that case, above mentioned sources will give you the latest updates.

I didn’t knew about it. Seems like an awesome thing I could try. Thanx a ton!