I want to use 45 degree angle for trading purpose

Dear Friends,
I want to use 45 degree angle for trading purpose, i read all past comments but i realize it’s not that much helpful.
to use gann fan we required 45 degree angle but unfortunately kite is not providing it. buy using tools like line and other it’s not possible to get accurate result. I nomacs and other software too but result is not satisfied. First I request Zerodha to provide us that degree tool which is available in other charting platform and second request to you all friends kindly give suggestion for the same but please also give depth knowledge sharing video to understand it in better way.
Jashpal - 7990386610

Have you checked Angle tool in TradingView charts on Kite?

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Thank you sir for your valuable time and reply.
I tried as per your suggestion but I feel more comfortable with chartIQ and I want to use that 45 degree angle in chartIQ.
Kindly please guide if possible

Currently it is not possible in ChartIQ. Zerodha will release new version of ChartIQ soon, I’ll inform you if it can be done in that version.

Again thank you for your quick response.
Sir, are you from technical team or a trader like me?

i have managed to draw 45 degree angle in chartiq by drawing horizontal and vertical line and constructed a 90 degree, then it is easy to draw 45 degree angle. see below chart, please correct me if i am wrong.