I wonder how the uptick or the downtick of indexes or stocks is decided? What r the chances of manipulate it?

It depends on LTP(last traded price). If LTP is greater than previous LTP then it will be a uptick and vice versa. Generally there will be hundreds of ticks per second but what we see with our eyes are only 4 to 5 ticks per second as it is impossible to capture all the tick changes and transfer them via internet to display on market watch.

Manipulation of ticks may be possible for few illiquid stocks but the chances of same are negligible for high liquid stocks and indices. Also there should be a strong reason to manipulate ticks unless some thing like uptick rule is mandatory to initiate new short.

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thank you siva for your answer but my question is how is it decided wheather the next tick is going to be a uptick or the downtick? i mean is it decided by any computer software or is it decided by the demand supply? if it is decided by a computer software/algos can one hack it and manipulate it?
hoping for a good answer…
thank you.

It depends on LTP of the trade, you can better leave your apprehensions of manipulating ticks and better concentrate on trading because if one start worrying on these then there would be no end for uncertainty as one cannot disintegrate trading out of systems and softwares.

yes you r right siva “if one start worrying on these then there would be no end of uncertainty”!!!
thank you very much for writing this.