IBC CASES and Rather depressing facts for shareholders

*JSW steel paid ZERO in Vardhaman industries in December 2019 , Vedanta paid 19 paisa per share in ESL ,B r shetty paid 10 paisa in Assam co in October 2018 ,Rekha jhunjhunuwala etc paid 50 rs in Ricoh India December 2019 (life high was 1400 plus ),Ln mittal paid ZERO in Essar steel (d listed at 48 in 2007)…Adhunik metalik paid 0.0984 paisa per share means 935.70 for 9500 shares in July 2020
**Ruchi soya 100 shares turned 1 share in January 2020 Gopala polycast 32 share turned 1 share and Orchid pharma 218 share in 1 share in November 2020
*** Future cases will be Uttam value where ZERO will be paid and Jaypee infra where almost ZERO will be paid .

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Well, when one is investing in Equities one should be aware of the fact that in case of liquidation of said company equity shareholders are last in line to receive any proceeds. Equities have great growth potential if invested in right stocks but if not invested in rightly can also destroy your capital, atleast on positive side ones risk is limited to invest made.

Another case …As i understood DIGJAM will last trade in present form on 18 November… after that will re-list after 100% of promoters and 96.67% of non promoters capital get extinguished means every 296.73 shares will be 1 share on RE-Listing.

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As per notice on bse/nse dated 17 November 2020 DIGJAM has cancelled the record date hence trading will not be suspended till announcement of a new record date .

Uttam value steel will last trade today on 20 November 2020 …zero value will be paid as per IBC .

Garden silk will pay Zero …DHFL appear to be on same path…Jaypee infra too may pay almost zero…do not know about Uttam galva steel ?