iceberg orders squared off

How does iceberg order gets squared off

Hy @Prathamesh_Kadoo

If you meant how to sell using ice berg orders the following steps might help you:

How do Icebergs work?

As the name suggests, when a large order is placed, it is divided into smaller orders or legs, and only the first leg is placed on the exchange at first, revealing only the tip of the iceberg. Once this leg is executed, the next leg of the main order is placed, and so on, until the desired quantity is traded. The number of legs is decided by the customer.

Follow these steps to place an Iceberg order:

  1. Click on Iceberg on the order window.
  2. Select Intraday or Overnight .
  3. Enter Quantity and the Price .
  4. Select Market or Limit .
  5. Enter the Number of legs and click on Buy or Sell . The maximum number of legs per Iceberg is 10.

You can check on this link for more info on Ice Berg orders.