ICICI Lombard General Insurance Allotted... Next What?


I have been allotted this share. It is reflecting in Kite holding and Q backoffice.


In kite holding:

I am not getting option to edit this holding details in back office. In Kite holding it is not showing up the other details except quantity.

So straight question:
If I want sell these shares i.e. I want to exit from these shares, do I need to edit these details then only I will be able to exit from this position? If yes how to do that?

If without editing, I can exit these shares then how to do that? By using exit option from holding or by placing an order from marketwatch list??

Please revert soon.

To sell you don’t have to do anything, just add the scrip to your marketwatch and then place a sell order. If you are not able to search for it, hit CTRL+SHIFT+R.

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In holding you can see shares, click on Exit and then sell.

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