Icici lombard share

I have been alloted ICICI Lombard share… should I sell it on listing day or hold it?

Congrats on that!

Really depends on what you think about the business prospects for ICICI Lombard is. If I were you, I’d be tempted to hold for some time.

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Business is good and ICICI LOMBARD is one of the biggest player in the segment. I think , I will hold it for longer term as read somewhere that Warren Buffett holds insurance company shares. :slight_smile:

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Interestingly I have applied for SBI life ipo too and am sure of getting 200+ shares…what do u say @Karthik

Congrats, BTW do we need to do to get them added, This is my first time to get IPO via SBI and got alert that I have got few.

Just wondering, how can you be sure?

Anyway - here is my thought. If there are two competing companies in the same sector - one is a private company and the other one is Govt owned, then the privately owned company will always be more competitive and innovative…and in the long run deliver better shareholder value.

Retail quota for SBI life ipo was not subscribed fully hence sure of getting the scrips.
Anyway for your kind information both companies are in different business one in non-life and other in life.
Many people have this notion that SBI life is public sector organisation whereas it is not. It’s fully private limited company and highly professional organisation. It has got the leverage of SBI.

Adding to your answer, If I am not wrong, Mr. Warret Buffet himself own’s some Insurance companies as part of 'Berkshire Hataway"

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Have been allotted 273 shares of Sbi life…