Icici share related query



  • Company has low interest coverage ratio.
  • Company has a low return on equity of 13.28% for last 3 years.
  • Contingent liabilities of Rs.922453.51 Cr.
  • Company might be capitalizing the interest cost
  • Earnings include an other income of Rs.21596.18 Cr.

Is there something serious to worry about. If yes then why icici share target is 324 by most of analyst.

This is a very generic commentary on the financial statements of the company. More like a standard template applied to ICICI. ICICI is a bank, you cannot apply the general financial ratios to banks and NBFC. For example borrowing large amount of funds is mandatory for banks, this obviously leads to low interest coverage ratio. Other income can include coupon payments and other interest received, which is again a good thing for banks.

Understanding banking stocks is a tricky task, do not look at it in the same way as you’d look at other stocks.

Any warning signal for banks to look for in annual report of the bank or in financial statements.
If you a have large sum invested in bank share and want to know what should possibly be the exit point.

One of the most important factor while looking at a bank is Non performing asset (NPA). This is basically an indication of the amount of bad debt being written off by banks. High NPA is quite bad for banks.

To get a perspective of the valuation, you can look at the book value.