Idea validation

“Will it work?”, the question every entrepreneur face before starting a startup.
How to validate an idea? Does it required a test marketing or expert opinion or asking the potential customers?
What worked for you @nithin , when your were starting Zerodha ?
Let’s say for example, a 20 yr old want to build a Zepto for medicines after watching the zepto episode of WTF podcast. Now the biggest question id “Will it work?” or “Is it worth it?”
What do you think @nithin ?
Your invaluable suggestion will benefit my personal growth and entrepreneurial journey if you can explain with an example or a story from your own Journey as an Entrepreneur.
Thank You for your consideration
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What worked is doing the same thing for 25+ years. It took 15 years to get lucky :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Building a business is one of the toughest ways to make money. As someone executing, you must have tons of knowledge of all aspects of building a successful business. My advice for a 20-year-old would be to build some experience.


So, does one get an experience and knowledge of building a business by working in a startup @nithin in 2024?
If it’s true then does Rainmatter hire interns for founder’s office? If yes, then how can one get in touch with them?

Yeah, startups are best places to learn.

We don’t hire interns.

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