IDFC Bank Not Listed on PI?


I am not able to find IDFC Bank on the NSE list on PI. I only find IDFC-EQ. How do i make a distinction between IDFC and IDFC Bank?

IDFC is there in NSE under EQ and

IDFC BANK is there in NSE under BE so, check IDFC BANK in NSE under BE

As IDFC BANK under BE, you can not sell it on same day or T+1 days, you can only sell after it is delivered in to your DP (demat)

Please refer to the attached screenshot … only IDFC is seen in the list.

Please change the drop down from EQ to BE, you will be able to spot IDFC Bank.

Thanks. Can you please let me know what is BE ?

BE is stocks under T2T (Trade for Trade) category.