Idfc first bank

What are your views on holding IDFC FIRST BANK for longterm? Heard some extremely positive views about it. But when I checked fundamentals, it ain’t that strong. So what’s all this buzz about?

fundamental is very wekk , negative EPS also still the share price is expensive , original value of the bank is aroud 5 to 7 only

better returns and invest in BANKBEES ETF- risk is low from here

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buy high roce businesses.

@Riyas_Ahamed Thanks brother. I already have investments in Goldbess and Niftybees. I’m planning to keep Goldbees keeping Debt in mind. But not sure about Niftybees considering it’s returns.

Is Bankbees a good bet for longterm at the current price i.e, 187 INR/Share? Also what’s your take on Juniorbees?

@athulskarun Junior bees is attractive now you can buy and hold long term juniourbees returns are 18 to 20 % it’s pure high quality Midcap compulsory in your portfolio

@Riyas_Ahamed Great! Will definitely look into the same. According to you, which is good for longterm - Bankbees or Juniorbees ?

Both are good , close your eyes and invest , it’s ETF human error is low easy to average with confident

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