IEX bonus shares

If I had few shares of IEX, when can we see the current number of shares in our holding, after the bonus shares had been declared as the record date was December 6th, 2021, and its still not showing in my holding.

Hey, generally it takes around 15 days from the record date for the bonus shares to be credited to your Demat account, but this depends on the RTA (Registrar & Share Transfer Agents).

Until the bonus shares are credited to your DEMAT, your holdings in Kite/console will show an artificial drop in P&L. Once the bonus shares are credited to your DEMAT, your P&L will be restored to its correct value. Read more here.

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Not only to P&L, my average also didn’t changed yet. I hope it will sort when the bonus shares are credited. am I correct ?

What happens if someone sells their original number of holding after the record date and before the bonus shares are approved for trading. How does things looks in that case in our holding and P&L.

Existing shares profit shall be considered taking into account the selling price and your original cost of acquisition.

Bonus shares will have 0 cost. The entire market value of your bonus shares will be considered as profit.

IEX Bonus shares have been credited today and now the whole P&L is screwed up as Average Cost has not been adjusted. Can this be fixed or no? :roll_eyes:

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Hey, the buy average is not yet updated on Kite. The bonus shares of IEX will be added at “0” price.

The P&L on Kite might be displayed incorrectly. The buy average for the existing holdings can be checked on Console. The buy average will be updated in a couple of days and you can check the status of the same in this Corporate Action sheet.

You can sell the shares normally if you wish to. This will not have any effect on your trades or on your P&L.