If an order is pending when the market closes, are there chances of it triggering even after 3:30pm?

Nopes, the F&O market closes at 3.30pm. So there is no way that this order can trigger after market closing.


What usually happens is that pending orders get automatically scrapped off or canceled after 3:30 pm.

So if you refresh order book between 3:30 to 3:40 pm, it will say trading platform is not available.

But if you refresh after 3:40 pm, you can see that those pending orders are automatically changed into canceled status.

This is for both Equities and F&O.

F&O market closes at 3:30 pm, but equities have post market between 3:40 to 4:00 pm.Since all the pending orders are canceled at 3:30 pm (even CNC orders), you need to place fresh CNC orders for it to execute during post market session. Whatever pending orders which you have left uncanceled during regular trading hours will not execute in this session. So no need to worry about that. You can leave it as such, it will get auto canceled by 3:30 pm.


Just to explain further, I punch a NRML order which never triggered during the day. This pending order was not cancelled at/before 3:30pm, so is there a chance for this order to be triggered even after 3:30pm?

Thanks AstroGuru, glad to see ur reply. You seem like a regular participant on this forum. Actually, I asked this question because somewhere I saw your post about orders even after 3:30pm(which you also explain here), which is why I asked this doubt. Anyway, thing are clear now after your and Nithin’s reply. Thanks both :slight_smile: