If ex-bonus, share price is split then what the point of bonus?

If 1:1 bonus makes the price of your shared to drop by 50%, what is the point of bonus shares ? It is same as stock split. The dividend does not make any difference between the stock split or bonus share.

Does the Book Value remains remains after stock split or bonus ?

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Usually a company issue bonus shares to bring down the price ( So, more investors can purchase the stock), increase liquidity.

So that is basically stock split. As there is not difference between bonus shares and stock split. Only bonus shares sounds nice.

Some differences mentioned here:

In case of bonus issue FACE VALUE doesn’t changes, while stock split will decrease the FACE VALUE as per the ratio.

Main point is face value remains same in the case of Bonus issue but face value is reduced in the case of stock split. Why this is good for investor in the case of Bonus shares ? if a company is issuing 20% dividend yearly to its investors, after extra bonus shares are issued to customers, this will mean they will receive more dividend as the dividend is issued on the face value of the share. In the case of stock split, no extra dividend is got as the face value is reduced after stock split.

How company is able to issue additional bonus shares without changing face value ? Company uses the capital reserve fund which can be considered as the accumulated profit to fund the issue of bonus shares. So bonus issue is a way of passing on the company’s profit to its investors.