If FII's are really smart then why they are not in Top 10 Richest persons in world

I have just three years of experience in market but from the day I entered I heard that FII’s are the main players and they know everything.

If they are really that smart why they not listed in top richest persons in the world. If they really making huge money in most scenarios they should be ruling the world but this is not happening.

Senior and experience traders please give detailed explanation.

They are. they choose to keep it private.


It means they’re smarter than Retails.


I don’t agree that they are smart

But I agree that they will have better tools to analyze and will get news quickly than ours.

Most important is as we are small players with small capital try to earn more % returns so probability of getting busted is higher for us

They just try to beat index that’s it.

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What is smartness? Having a edge than others.thats about it

May be

In my opinion Utilizing that edge for favor is smartness

Main thing why they sustain in this business is their target earning is very less compared to us that’s the reason for their success

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yes, they are! & not only FII, DII also very smart. but they don’t advertise it (on youtube/twitter), as they don’t need students for their training, or they don’t sell tips.
& fii aren’t persons, they are institutions. & any institution can’t list in richest person list of Forbes.

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