If for script A (Cash segment) the 3 EMA crosses over 15 EMA from down then buy on weekly basis, exit either when End of Week price is not touching 3 EMA or 15 EMA crosses 3 EMA on reversal

I need for code for the following strategy to be back tested in cash segment for a stock say ‘Reliance’

Please note all values are on End of Week basis.

If 3 EMA crosses 15 EMA on a end of week basis then BUY (from lower to higher) (Buy)

If end of week price is not touching 3 EMA candle then exit (price has ran up)

else if 3 EMA crosses 15 EMA from higher to lower on weekly basis exit. (exit position)





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Hi Thanks for your response, but I think I am missing something here, how do i tell the system to sell ONLY once I have taken entry.
My aim is back testing…