If i am doing SIP for 3 year and after complition of 3 year SIP , Will i able to increse the duration of SIP for Next 5 Years.?

If yes then how. Please help.

Yes, you certainly can. Please contact the AMC and they will allow you to do this under the same folio number.

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Once all the installments in your MF are complete, you can re-enter the same MF at a future date. It will hold the same folio number that it had under you when you purchased it for the first time. If you intend to change it to 5 years for the second round of investment in the same MF, you have to enter your specified details before placing your order.

Here is a monthly SIP for 60 months. You can also make it weekly, every fortnight. or quarterly.

What you can also do is update your Active SIP in the 36th month, that is at the end of the 3 year duration. You have an ‘edit’ option for this.

Once you hit edit, you again get to decide how you intend to design your new SIP in terms of frequency, number of installments and Installment amount. This can be changed at any point during the course of the SIP.