If i am holding a stock for 200 days and then i sell the stock and later buy the same stock on the same day will my holding period remain the same or starts a new getting reset.?

Holding period will remain unaffected. Holding period will change only once the stock gets debited from your demat account. On an intraday trade, holdings are never touched.


Why the shares we sold from holdings appear in positions for 24 hours is there anyway to bring them back to holdings on the sameday.

Eg. We sold share of abc co. at 50 rs now price went up 55 rs can we bring it back to holdings to sell it at 55rs ??

Once you sell the stock at Rs 50, you can buy back the stock at 55 on the same day. You will have intraday loss of Rs 5 and the holdings will remain at the original buy average price. If you buy back same day, it will not go out of your holdings.

Is it possible to buy stock in nse and sell in bse or vice-versa and if yes then how can we do it in zerodha kite mobile app ??

This is not possible on Intraday basis.

If you have holdings, this you can sell on any exchange you want, you can see the Exchange toggle option at the top.

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How can i place Buy or sell order in Graph point from Zerodha Android kite app?
I have do so many times but not working.
Please help me.

can do BTST : buy in nse and sell in bse or buy in bse and sell in nse ?

Trade from chart is currently not available on Kite App.

Yes, BTST you can do.