If i buy 1000 shares and sell 1000 shares intraday and they are executed as multiple trades, then they will be considered 2 orders or more?

IMO they should be considered as 2 orders but i have seen multiple time in my contract note that they are assigned different order number because of which in effect brokerage becomes more. different trade number is okay but why should they be given multiple order number when I gave just on order.

Each and every order you place individually will be considered as single order , for example lets say i have bought and sold 100 Qty each for ten time on intraday, my net buy and sell will be 1000 Qty and the number of orders will be 10 buy and 10 sell.

In another case, lets say i have placed single order of 1000 Qty once, but in the market it got executed in multiple number of Qty (divided Qty) like 100+500+400, In contract note it will show you “n” number of orders executed, but it will be considered as single order itself by the broker.

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i placed a bracket order of high volume.

and it shows as Total Orders: 48 Total Trades: 116

and i have been charged for 48 orders i.e 48x20= 960rs by zerodha :frowning:

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but in my contract note, it happened… single order given and it was executed in multiple trades and multiple order number was also given… so in the end brokerage was more…

Hi, could you please explain in detail regarding how to exit a trade when 2000 shares bought and multiple trades to be sold at once at a particular price, I had a hard time getting sell, I even lost money with this difficulty

It is the same with me.
6 orders - 527 trades - Rs. 6800. And in the reports it shows as “NSE net settlement charges” - I mean what is this?

My MIS single normal market order of 1000 stocks of a single scrip was executed in 40 buy/sell orders. I used to think it will be done in just 2 orders. The total charges were more than 3k. The charges look less only on paper. Zerodha is making tons of money just by brokerage charges whether you make profit or not. Haha…

Nothing like that, if you can message your ID, I can get it checked and let you know the exact reason.

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Thanks siva for quick reply.
Should I type my ID here, cause I could not find a way PM you here.
I will try to give a picture of what happened.

I have seen some discrepancy in the charges since last week.
I did 3 trades yesterday (16th April) and by 7 PM all profit loss was settled correctly and shown in funds section.
Today morning (17th April) I saw Rs. 6800 deducted. So I did some digging around in Trading qna portal but after asking the question my account was blocked from posting anything. That was again surprising. I went through the trading qna portal to find if others are facing same issue and yes some do but there are no proper answers to their queries.

Then I downloaded the reports from console.zerodha.com/reports/tradebook/ - CSV of all orders and trades, then did the calculations using https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator

According to the brokerage calculator after considering all the taxes and brokerage my taxes and charges should be only Rs. 2703 (797+760+1146 for 3 orders) which is what I expected it to be yesterday.

But then why Rs. 6800 was deducted from account in Zerodha?

I will like your help on the same. It will be great If you or anyone can clarify the same.

I also did a rough calculations on the 5 days where I did trading and it looks very bad. I seem to have lost Rs. 25000+ in just brokerage + taxes or whatever it is that gets deducted and then shown in the morning. So on an average Rs. 4000+ was deducted every morning and today it was exactly Rs. 6800.

Please delete your number from here and mail me @ [email protected].

Thanks Siva for reply.
I have sent mail to your email ID. Please have a look at it.

Will do.

Hey @jameswaren, we’ve checked the charges for your trades on 16th of April and have not found any excess charges charged. You had executed a total of 6 orders for which the total charges was Rs. 3489.6 (2708.21(transaction + taxes) and 780.95(Stamp)). There’s no difference of Rs. 6800. We have sent you the tradewise charges on the ticket you had raised. Kindly go through it along with the contract note of 16th, this should answer all your queries. If you have any follow up question relating the trades in your account, you can ask us on the ticket you have raised.

please clear if the charges as per agreement are (if fixed charges ) per order basis OR per trade basis .
if it is in percentage it do not matter but surely matter a lot if it is fixed charges per order or per trade .

Such thing is not possible because order execution is system based so for your single ORDER there can be many trades to execute .
Brokerage is being charged on Order basis if it is fixed charges per order be it order of 1 share or 1 lakh share.
from your question it appear that you are being charged fixed brokerage per trade basis ? if it so, check the agreement you had while opening the broker account.

i am also facing this shit in Alice blue :rofl:
so pls avoid bracket order

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