If i made profit in equity intraday trading below 200000 ( i. E. Basic exemption limit ) say Rs. 50000 till 15th sep then do i need to pay advance tax on this 50000? If yes, then at what rate?


Payment of advance tax depends on your projected ‘Total Income’ not income from trading only.

You will have to estimate what your total income will be for the particular financial year and if the tax liability (after computing at the prevailing tax slab rates) is more than 10,000 you’ll have to pay advance tax.

You can choose to pay 30% such calculated tax amount as Advance tax.

The last date to pay advance tax is 15th September.


Since we would know our total Income only after 31st March how can we decide about the Advance tax payable at 15th Sept, Dec 30 and March 15th?

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As Venu said you have to estimate your total income for the year. For example you estimate that income for the year 2015-16 will be Rs.10 Lakhs. You calculate the tax payable on it and pay 30% of such tax by 15th September 2015. Now at the time of second advance tax instalment date i.e 15th December 2015 you find that you had underestimated your total income then you have to ensure that you should pay 60% of the total tax on the revised estimated income by this date. That is if you pad Rs.25,000 as the first instalment of advance tax and now on the basis of revised estimate of income your total tax payable comes to Rs.1,00,000 then you should pay 30% of it i.e Rs.30,000 and Rs. 5,000 towards the deficit of the first instalment so that your total tax paid by 15th December should be 60% of total tax liability. Of course it may also happen that you had earlier overestimated your income, in such case you would be eligible for lower advance tax payment next time etc.