If I sell my equity mutual funds units at 110 am which day's NAV will apply?

If I sell mutual funds units at 10 am on any working day …

which day’s NAV will apply ?

For example if I sell units on sept. 25th 2018 morning…at 10 am
NAV date will be end of the day 25th

If yes basically I will be blind as to what NAV will apply because at 10 am I would not know the NAV …correct?

yes 25th eod nav

It will be 24th September’s NAV.

are u sure?

so I will never know what amount will be applied to my redemption correct?

Might be i am wrong man, i just told from what i remembered last time i did months ago redemption

Check with Zerodha people

For Equity and Debt MFs, cutofff time is 3pm.

So, if you buy/sell before 3pm, then NAV applied will be same day NAV at EOD.

Anyhtihing beyond 3pm, then it will be Next working day NAV at EOD.

In your case, its 25th.
You ll not be knowing exact nav, but you can approximate based on your mf’s underlying major holdings.

The cutoff time to get the same day NAV when you invest is:

For liquid funds, it is 1:30 pm.
For debt and equity funds and investment size under Rs 2lakhs, it is 3 pm.
For debt and equity funds and investment size above Rs 2lakhs, it is 2:30 pm.

What Zerodha has done is, for any fund and any amount, it has set the cut-off time for same day NAV as 1:30 pm.